Procedure Permanent Residency

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Contact Us

Contact us and tell us your story, as well as about your interests and plans. How can we help you and your family towards a new life? We will then check our agent network, will find, and will put you in touch with the most suitable agent for you.

Of course, you can also directly reach out to one of our trusted agents. Just look out for an agent offering our worldwide unique Life Insurance products to be assured that you deal with a qualified Nova Zoii agent.

Preparing Documents

After we have done our due diligence you are asked to transfer your deposit. Together with the Migration Services Agreement, you will receive several documents for you to process at your local Bulgarian embassy or consulate. After receiving and checking all of your documents, our law firm opens your Bulgarian bank account for you under your name.

Transferring Funds

Now, you can transfer your funds. Note that depending on your preferred product, you are asked to transfer your investment amount either to your own Bulgarian bank account, or directly to our Life Insurance company. The all-in handling fee is any case to be transferred to your own bank account. We will never ask you to transfer your funds directly to Nova Zoii. Only our reputable law firm can touch your money and we are not able to put a hand on it.

Visa D Application

Your Bulgarian bank, as well as the InvestBulgaria Government Agency will now issue an investment certificate for you. To receive the certificate issued by the InvestBulgaria Government Agency is the first milestone in your application procedure. It is not only a quality check of our work so far, but it is also the fundamental piece for you to take the next big step. Now, we can prepare and send you all required documents for you to apply for your Visa D at your local Bulgarian embassy or consulate. Although, by law it can take up to three months to receive your Visa D, it usually only takes about six weeks.

Come to Bulgaria to Apply

Get ready for your first and only mandatory trip to Bulgaria. We recommend you visit us in Sofia within the next four weeks after picking up your Visa D. It will be a short trip, a very short trip. To apply for your permanent resident status will take less than one day.


Although, by law it can take up to three months to receive your permanent residency confirmation letter, it usually only takes about six weeks. That’s it! You have received EU / Bulgarian permanent residency. Wasn’t that simple? And it gets even better. You would never have to return to Bulgaria, unless you would like to pick up your plastic ID Card.