DOBRICH, BULGARIA - The European Commission calls for the Council of the EU to approve Bulgaria and Romania's entry in the Schengen border-free zone. This happened on a press conference in Brussels, when commissary for migration and internal affairs Dimitris Avramopolous gave his speech. According to the EC Bulgaria and Romania have both proven they are capable of protecting Europe's exterior borders and that's why they deserve being member states of the interior border-free area. Reminder: Both Bulgaria and Romania have met all of the requirements for a Schengen-membership. The only obstacle are populist comments, coming from key European leaders.

Meanwhile it was announced that an update to the Codex of Schengen border has been proposed by the Commission. The idea is to secure the interior boders but only if necessary. Member state will have the right to protect the borders they share with other states but only under extreme circumstances. The Commission reminds that such an option should remain an exception to the rule and will only be used when internal conflicts in a neighbouring state or a crisis of some sort poses an immediate threat. This particular clause suggests problems from extremist groups, immigrants etc. Who is responsible for the handling of illegal immigration - Eastern European states like Bulgaria and Romania. Getting them into the borderless zone will in fact give them incetive to work harder on protecting Europe's exterior borders and make sure that the update to the Codex will remain just that - words.

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