A total of 116 222 foreigners have received Bulgarian citizenship in the period between 2001 and May 2015. The information has been confirmed by the Ministry of Justice.

Out of them, 113 647 people have been granted citizenship on account of their origins. The total number of candidates for the same period was 185 447.

More than half of the people who got their Bulgarian passports over the past 14 years are from Macedonia. Close to 60,000 Macedonian citizens have proven their Bulgarian origins and thus have gotten citizenship. The second spot is taken by Moldova with 29, 218 people. Additionally, 5,930 Ukrainians, 5,374 Serbians, 5,194 Russians, 3, 840 Israelis, 2, 192 Albanians as well as 622 Turkish people have received their Bulgarian documents over the period.

Unsurprisingly enough, the accession of Bulgaria in the EU has had a crucial influence over the number of people willing to become citizens of the country. One of the main advantages that citizens enjoy is free travel to any other European destination.

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