Bulgaria is ranked eighth in Europe in income from rented property, the online edition simplybusiness.co.uk reports, referring to WorldFirst payment group calculations.

The average income in our country reaches 5.77%.

Leader in Europe is Ireland with an income of 7.08%. Malta is second with 6.64% and Portugal with 6.43% is third.

The top 10 is complemented by the Netherlands, Slovakia, Belgium, Turkey, Cyprus and Hungary.

At the bottom of the list is Sweden with an average rental income of 3.03%. Croatia and France are just ahead of it with 3.82%.

For 12 months, Britain recorded the strongest decline in ranking - 10 positions to 25th with an average rental income of 4%. The reason - the "challenging environment" for homeowners, such as tax deductions for rented dwellings, and tax cuts in a deal to curb speculation because of housing shortages in major cities in the country.

Tightening the requirements for buyers of mortgage lending, investors face the vague prospects of Brexit, which is still under negotiation.

According to Edward Hardy of WorldFirst, the worsening dynamics of the UK's rental market sounds like a signal for a further slowdown in housing markets.

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