EU introduce new "blue card" for legal migrants

On Wednesday, July 26, the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the Council of the EU agreed on a draft directive concerning the conditions of entry and residence for highly skilled workers arriving in the EU from third countries (the Blue Card Directive). Based on this decision, the EU Council presidency will begin negotiations with the European Parliament, Front News International reports.

"The goal of the blue card is to attract highly skilled workers to Europe.The number of professionals able to move the economic transformation in the world is limited, and the competition for their involvement is strong, their choice in favor of Europe will strengthen our competitiveness and promote economic growth", - said Andres Anvelt, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Estonia, who now chairs the Council of the European Union.

The reform of the blue map directive is aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the EU for highly skilled workers from third countries. It is also expected that this will also help to improve the mobility of hired workers between jobs in different member states.

The European Commission submitted a proposal for the adoption of the updated directive in June 2016 as part of the EU's efforts to implement an integrated migration policy, including the sphere of legal migration.

In general, in 2016 due to migration, both legal and illegal, the population of Europe increased by 1.5 million people.

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